Sunday, February 22, 2009


When I was twelve my fears were concealed in my attitude. I would tell my friends and family I wasn’t scared of anything and let my dare devil show. Looking at the deeper side of it, I’d say that out of anything I was most scared of being alone, without friends, without family, without anything. In the novel, the young boys get stranded on a deserted island with no where to go and no possible way to get rescued. The boys don’t have their parents to rescue them, and that was my biggest fear. 

Friday, January 30, 2009


Technology helped me in this class greatly. Using google docs was a very convenient and well worth the time. I enjoyed making wikispaces, it made me look into the book more and find other information that wasn’t just found in the book. The only thing I did not like were the postings we had to do. I think we should’ve been able to do them on the wikispace or on a piece of paper, due to the fact that some people’s computers only like to work sometimes and they don’t have access. Overall, the idea of using all this technology in our classes is preparing us for the future, technology is basically taking over our world, we need to be prepared.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


The dagger in people's smiles can be found everywhere. In school, at the mall, or anywhere else people go. Daggers in people's smiles are things they keep hidden and don't let a lot of people on to. They can be to spare themselves or even to spare others. First off, seeing teenagers with daggers in their smile can easily be seen in any high school. There are so many issues teens have with each other that its hard to miss. Girls talk all the time, and its usually not about themselves. Being a girl, I know how that goes. People get stabbed in the back and talked about like their famous, and its usually not something to be proud of. Secondly, the dagger in the smile could be when someone is trying to be nice. People lie all the time, little white lies. The white lies would never really matter, but can add up. People say, "Oh that looks cute on you," when really it doesn't, they just want to be nice. The people who tell the little white lie must either feel bad about letting their friend go out like that or feel as if that made themselves look better. Either way, the person is still creating something that is unnecessary. Thirdly, people with daggers in their smile could be keeping something secretive that is for their own good. Its in their hands on what they want others to know. Somethings, like stuff from the past, people like to keep secret so others don't judge them or think differently of them. The thing about this though is that sometimes keeping stuff inside can build up and eventually make a person not so happy anymore. There's only so much a person can handle. There are daggers everywhere. Not all daggers are terrible, some have nothing to do with anyone else, just yourself.